Top 8 Best Cat Proof Curtains | Pet Hair Resistance Curtains

Having cats or other pets would affect the choice of your interior designs, like what curtain to use or even the height and other design accessories. For curtains, you have to choose either cat proof curtains or pet hair resistance curtains to avoid spending much on changing them.

Cat proof curtains are curtains with special materials that withstand cats’ scratches and might deter them from attempting.

Cats are naturally scratchy, which helps them remove some dead cells from their body while the effect remains on the object.

So, to protect your decorations and maintain a good design in your home, you need the best cat proof curtains or pet hair resistance curtains for your doors and windows.

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Besides withstanding cat scratches, cat-proof curtains are also good pet hair resistance materials. So, you do not need a special pet hair resistance curtain.

Cat-proof curtain materials do not retain pet hairs saving you the stress of cleaning your curtain always. However, it cannot stop your pets from leaving some hair in the house.

After researching, we have got dozens of curtains that are cat friendly.

Why you should Use Cat Proof curtains if you have cats

Cat Proof curtains

Even if you have trained your cats to avoid climbing, you need curtains from special materials to avoid frequent damage and replacement. Here are some reasons why you need cat-proof curtains in your home:

1. It is normal for cats to claw up vertical or even horizontal objects. So, if you are not using a cat-proof curtain, your curtains might turn to pieces while climbing.

2. Cats would always want to play with curtains

3. Scratching and dragging curtains are things you cannot prevent cats from doing.

4. The cost of maintaining a normal curtain in a pet’s house is high.

5. You will not need to regularly clean cat hair and other things from your curtain.

Understanding The Materials For Cat Proof Curtains

These five unique materials can provide quality curtains that can withstand your cat’s behaviors.

So, look out for these materials while searching for cat-proof curtains:

  1. Microfiber
  2. Velvet
  3. Synthetic fabrics
  4. Canvas
  5. Sunbrella

1. Microfiber

One way cats can damage your curtain is if their claws can penetrate the material. If that is possible, your curtain is gone. But microfiber curtains do not really touch the floor, and their weaving is tight, making it one of the best cat proof curtain materials.

Microfibers are short fabrics and would not pick up dirt that could cause a bad smell. Besides, microfiber materials are tightly woven and unbreathable, leaving no space for cats to scratch and damage with their claws.

This material is not only an excellent option for homes with cats but a great choice for homes with other pets and even children.

The ability of cats to penetrate their claws on curtains can be a satisfying experience. So, if they are satisfied with scratching your curtain, they will repeat it until it becomes useless.

But microfiber is a thickly woven fiber making it almost impossible for cats to pierce through. And after they have tried severally, they will find something else to scratch.

2. Velvet

Here is another very thick material, and the weaving is tight.

Velvet fabrics are good for cat proof curtains because their claw would not be able to scratch and damage them, and besides, they are mostly low-pile. If a material is not claw-resistant, it is unsuitable for making cat proof curtains.

One thing to note about velvet materials is that they need adequate care and maintenance to maintain their stylish look. Besides their stylish look, they are heavy and thick, helping to stop sun rays. So, you have many benefits If you use velvet curtains.

Either natural or synthetic velvet fiber is good for cat-proof curtains. So, you can choose any of them for your home.

3. Synthetic fabrics

Polyester and nylon are excellent synthetic fabrics for your cat-proof curtains because their weaves are tight and not affected if cats attempt to climb. Moreover, they are less expensive and with various designs to choose from.

There are various synthetic materials you can use for your curtain. However, if you should want your curtain to be a synthetic fabric, ensure to find one that is tightly woven to avoid damage from your cats.

There are benefits to using a synthetic material for your curtain, especially the choice of styles and designs, and you have the full responsibility to choose the looks and everything.

4. Canvas

Canvas materials are strong and can withstand cat claws. So, if you want a cat proof curtain, canvas curtains would do just good.

Like microfiber and velvet fabrics, canvas fabrics have tight weaves that prevent cats from penetrating. However, they do not have that special styles like velvet.

Although they are not very beautiful fabrics, you can have them in different styles and designs that suit your home decorations and styles.

5. Sunbrella

Sunbrella fabrics are products of acrylic, which is known for its unique strength and stiffness. Their curtain materials are closely woven and would be a good fit for homes with cats.

Generally, sunbrella curtains are the best cat-proof curtains because of how effective they can resist damage, stains, and sharp objects. So, if you use this type of curtain, your cats can scratch, climb, and play around your curtain without any damage.

Top 8 Best Cat Proof Curtains

1. Thermal-insulated cat-proof curtains

The eclipse microfiber thermal is one of the best cat proof curtains available. However, there are other things you should expect from this curtain:

1. The eclipse microfiber thermal curtain can block almost 100% of light rays targeting your room and provide a cooler environment in the summertime. This can be a way to reduce your energy bills.

2. The thermal insulated curtain will control the noise level entering and leaving your room. So, if you have a noisy neighbor, you won’t have to worry anymore. Also, your conversation will be regulated within.

3. There is nothing wrong with washing them with a machine and detergent; that does not mean you should apply bleach or anything you know can damage your curtain. Use cold water to avoid shrinkage.

4. Do not expect a curtain rod because it does not come with one.

2. Sheer drapes cat proof net curtains

Here are what you should know about the RYB Home Sheer Curtain Drapes:

1. Sheer drape is a typical net curtain with a simple design. They are half transparent, allowing light rays in a dim form.

2. These curtains are not too heavy. However, they have what it takes to withstand cat contact.

3. Their sheer appearance does not conform to the dark and cool design it provides in the room. It comes in different sizes.

4. You can choose different colors like natural, blush pink, taupe, etc. And you can wash it with a machine without losing the colors. Only ensure you use cold water.

5. If you need a curtain to block all the sun’s rays, this is not the best choice because it partly covers sunlight. So, you can check other options.

3. Microfiber cat-proof curtains:

Learn everything about Nicetown Triple Weave Microfiber Blackout Curtain:

1. Nicetown microfiber curtains are products of thick woven microfiber fabrics which can withstand cat scratches and stains.

2. They are 100% polyester.

3. These curtains are not heavy like the thermal insulated curtains, and you can quickly fix them through a curtain rod.

4. It can block almost all light giving dim lighting in the room.

5. They are easy to maintain even with many cats, and are machine washable if dirty.

4. Duty blackout cat-proof curtains

Besides its ability to resist certain cats’ activities, let us look at other features of The Nicetown Heavy-Duty Blackout Curtains:

1. This curtain would blackout the entire room and make it cool for beautiful rest.

2. It also tends to control noise and reduce the level that enters or leaves your room.

3. They are strong and last longer. Moreover, you can easily wash them with cold water.

4. If you need one to complement your design styles, you can choose from the multiple colors available.

5. Heavy linen cat proof curtains

Everything about The Central Park Rayon Blend Heavy Linen Curtains:

1. The central park Rayon blend curtains are heavy fabric curtains that can resist cat claws and provide the necessary design and style for your home.

2. The linen is perfect for bedrooms, sitting rooms, and basements. They have enough height to cover tall windows and doors.

3. Rayon blend is eco-friendly and thick enough for privacy concerns and suitable for cat owners looking for cat proof curtains.

4. The heavy linen curtain has two panels and six metal grommets. However, there is no curtain rod, but the grommets make it easier to slide them on any road during installation.

5. You have various colors to make your choice.

6. RYB velvet cat-proof curtains

These curtains have the following features:

1. They are low piles of thick woven velvet curtains that can resist cat claws from damaging the fabric.

2. Velvet curtains might not be an option for every room, but they look stylish and beautiful in sitting rooms.

3. RYB velvet is an excellent option for cat-proof curtains because of its tight texture, preventing cats from penetrating with claws.

4. RYB is a synthetic velvet and not difficult to maintain like the natural one. You can wash it with a machine but with a gentle cycle.

5. Like other curtains, it does not come with a rod.

7. Cat-proof Liner curtains:

The cat proof liner curtains are cheap and easy to maintain. They provide almost 100% blackout on sunny days and keep your room cool.The cat proof liner curtains are cheap and easy to maintain. They provide almost 100% blackout on sunny days and keep your room cool.

Here are other features of Nicetown 100% Blackout Curtain Panels:

1. If you are not interested in velvet curtains, this is a good alternative. With over twenty-one colors, you have different options to style your room or suitable colors for your decorations.

2. It has an additional lining to block lights from your room further. Moreover, they are heavy and can resist pet hairs.

3. When you find cat hairs or stains, they are machine washable and would not be difficult to clean.

8. Insulated cat proof blackout curtains

The BONZER 100% Blackout Curtains for Bedroom are Premium Thick Velvet Curtains that can withstand cats’ activities from damaging your curtains.

Some other features to look out for are:

1. They are blackout curtains that can help block sunlight and keep your room cool.

2. It has about eight stylish colors, which is not much. So, you have to find one that is most suitable for your designs.

3. Cleaning this insulated blackout curtain is not hard work. You can wash it with a machine or hand wash it if it is dirty.

4. They are thick enough to resist cat claws and prevent their scratch from damaging the fabric


What Kind Of Curtains Are Best For Cats?

The weave form of microfiber fabrics, like the insulated and printed microfiber curtains, are so tight, making them the best option for cat proof curtains due to their resistance to claws and pet hair. Besides, they are less expensive and easy to clean because they are mostly short fabrics.

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