Easiest Way To Clean Brita Water Bottle Mouthpiece Mold

Brita Water Bottle Mouthpiece Mold forms due to the presence of moisture around the mouthpiece, and regular cleaning can cancel the chances of infecting it with mold.

If you clean the mouthpiece often, it will replace old drops of water with fresh ones.

On the other hand, the more you allow the old water to stay without cleaning it, the more chance for mold to form and grow around the mouth-piece.

So, regular cleaning of this container can prevent mold growth and ensure that you drink healthy water from your bottle.

You can clean it in various ways, but the easiest way can save you time and effort while you enjoy a mold-free Brita Water Bottle Mouthpiece.

You might not have thought about cleaning it. Hopefully, you have seen the need now.

Here are reasons you should clean this container while refilling it daily.

Why You Should Clean Brita Water Bottle Mouthpiece Mold

Brita Bottle water provides clean filtered water for drinking. However, cleaning the mouth area all the time can help to maintain its uniqueness.

If you leave it like that, it can begin to grow mold, and the consequences can be unhealthy.

Exposing yourself to constant licking of mold can result in a lot of allergies like cough, itching, headache, and many others.

While a high daily water intake is recommended, it must be free from mold contamination.

No amount of mold is perfect for consumption, so do not wait to confirm that it has started forming before you clean it.

Learn to clean your water bottle the easy way.

Easiest Way To Clean Brita Water Bottle Mouthpiece Mold

The best way to keep this water container free from mold is by cleaning it each time you use it.

By so, there is no chance for any bacteria to survive in the mouth section.

This is because mold and similar microbes can begin to grow in stagnant waters.

Here are the things you will need to clean it:

  • Boiled water
  • Better Life Dish Soap
  • Laundry Detergent Booster
  • Natural Distilled White Vinegar
  • Sponge Bottle Brush

Cleaning Mold From the Bottle Rubber Mouthpiece

After drinking, the moisture from the water can combine with oxygen in the air to form mold. 

However, you can prevent or remove it if it has already formed.

The best way to stop your Brista bottle from growing mold is by washing the rubber each time you drink from it.

Here is the easiest way to clean it:

  • Pour the boiled water into a mold and combine it with dish soap, detergent booster, and vinegar. Turn the mixture until it becomes completely mixed and dissolved.
  • Use the sponge bottle bush to clean the Brita mouthpiece. Ensure you scrub the neck section and touch every point within the rubber.
  • Rinse it until you are sure there is no detergent left on it.
  • Dry it in the air and ensure there is no water left.
  • Now, use the mixture in the mold to clean the Brita bottle water mouth-piece to eliminate any traces of mold.

Instruction: Ensure that the solution touches every point on the bottle and the mouth piece and leave it for about fifteen minutes.

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