23 Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

The primary colors that go with cherry wood bedroom furniture are:

  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple

Gray is an excellent option if you want to create a calm and serene environment in your bedroom. The cool tones of gray complement cherry wood furniture’s warm tones.

Blue is another good choice for cherry wood furniture. The two colors create a pleasing contrast that will give your bedroom a fresh and inviting feeling.

Pink is a great way to add a touch of femininity to your bedroom, and the soft hue will pair nicely with the rich tones of cherry wood furniture.

Purple is a regal color that will give your bedroom a luxurious look

These are not the only colors that can go with Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture. So, in the next section, we will list twenty-three colors that can go with cherry wood bedroom furniture.

Here are Parts of a Bedroom To Decorate With Cherry Wood Furniture:

  1. Walls
  2. Floors
  3. Windows
  4. Bedroom Accessories
  5. Furniture
  6. Bedding
  7. Carpets
  8. Accents

23 Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

Here are the top 23 colors that go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

  1. Light Colors
  2. Dark Colors
  3. Earthy Colors
  4. Dark color floor
  5. Light color floor
  6. Shade Colors
  7. Curtain Colors
  8. Indoor Plants
  9. Glittering Chandelier
  10. Ceramic Table Lamps
  11. Light Color Bed Linens
  12. Oakmoss Green
  13. Black Color Furniture
  14. Brown Color Furniture
  15. Dark Gray Wood Satin
  16. Plymouth Pink Bedding
  17. Pale Mint Bedding
  18. Animal Print Bedding
  19. Beige Carpet
  20. Gray Carpet
  21. Orange Accents
  22. Yellow Accents
  23. Pastel Accents

How To Match The Colors With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

Matching cherry wood for a bedroom demands careful thought. Looking at the colors in the finishing is necessary when choosing the proper color, and rich red and brown colors blend in cherry wood.

Here are some suggestions for coordinating various bedroom elements with cherry wood bedroom furniture.

Wall Colors that That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

1. Light Colors

The cherry wood’s deep hues also look attractive when contrasted with lighter tones. For showcasing cherry wood qualities, bright colors work best.

When the cherry wood furniture ages and becomes darker, the contrast between light walls and dark furniture will appear even more stunning.

High contrast will make the cherry wood bedroom furniture stand out when used with colors like light blue, light green, light brown, or grey undertones.

Light caramel, creamy ivory, and light yellow are other light hues that work nicely with cherry furniture.

Using sage green paint on the accent wall, you may establish a focal point. The red and green hues on the opposing sides of the color wheel from one other will compliment the soft green wall color nicely.

Walls painted in soft colors will help draw attention to the wood furnishings. The cherry wood will nicely complement the color.

All year long, it will make the space feel upbeat and vibrant. The pastel colors will stand out even more when the cherry wood ages and gets darker.

Pastel colors may be considered overly feminine for a man’s bedroom. For a more macho appearance, think about adding some turquoise or teal accents to the wall.

The color tones will balance the cherry wood bedroom furniture’s red tint properly.

2. Dark Colors

Cherry wood can hold up well to bolder hues. Dark-hued tones like royal blue, mustard yellow, and hunter green go well with cherry bedroom furniture.

These vibrant hues work together to produce a low contrast that makes the wood blend in rather than stick out.

Red and purple wall paint can complement the color of the cherry wood bedroom.

While purple tones will go well with the deeper styles of the wood furnishings, red paint will draw attention to the red tones of cherry wood.

3. Earthy Colors

Consider using earthy hues to give cherry wood a relaxed formality. The colors gray-blue, pastel green, and white will produce an understated but energizing neutral appearance. The rustic shades will give the aged cherry wood furniture a contemporary feel.

Think about adding wood trim to the walls to give the room a more refined appearance. The color will denote a significant amount of cherry wood bedroom furniture.

Walls should remain white, and install wood trim all around the space. The wooden frame should complement cherry wood.

The natural grain of the wall paneling will have a similar but more robust effect. You’ll have the impression of walking into a luxurious cabin when you enter the bedroom.

The best hue to use if you want to be safe is grey. Any colored furniture you place after cherry wood furniture will also look good with the color.

Floors Colors that That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

The carpet or floor tile color should also go well with the cherry wood bedroom furniture. To have the ideal appearance, ensure that the floor sticks out or fits in with the surroundings.

1. Dark color floor

A bedroom with cherry wood furniture would look great with a dark-colored floor. Although it could be pricey, the enhanced aesthetics make it worthwhile.

Any room has an air of elegance and grace when the floor is dark. Since the flaws won’t be noticeable, maintenance will be simple.

2. Light color floor

For small rooms, a dark hue floor is not a wise choice, and the room will feel awkward if the floor is dark.

Consider using light-colored wood or tile to match a space with cherry wood furniture. It will stand out against the cherry wood and enlarge the space.

Choose a carpet with a light tone if you wish to add one to the bedroom. Consider a light gray or brown carpet mat for the area.

These two hues complement the cherry wood bedroom furnishings wonderfully. However, you should be ready to periodically clean the carpet because dirt is more noticeable on light-colored floors.

Window Colors that That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

The cherry wood furniture can be complemented by window curtains as well.

To add elegance, functionality, and texture, a bedroom with cherry wood furniture might benefit from layered window curtains.

1. Shade Colors

To complement the cherry furniture, consider putting in window treatments woven from organic materials like wood, reeds, and grasses with a tinge of crimson.

You can also use dark red hints for window blinds to compliment the furniture rather than stand out against it.

Dark color hues will provide privacy while emphasizing the cherry wood’s natural characteristics. You can lay Light-colored sheers on top of the shades to create contrast.

2. Curtain Colors

To give the shades a classy and layered effect, hang pastel-colored drapes in front of them. White sheers can make cherry tones appear more vibrant.

You can also choose silky-lined draperies in a soft green tint to add a complementing tone to the Decor and increase its appeal. This will add a rich texture and fascinating appearance to the bedroom.

Bedroom Accessories Colors that That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

A cherry wood bedroom set can seem even more exquisite with various decorative accents. However, you should limit the number of accessories in the space lest it looks overcrowded and untidy.

1. Indoor Plants

Put a few plots on the dresser or armoire’s top.

Adding a touch of nature and a complementary hue will revitalize the area.

2. Glittering Chandelier

You can also hang a sparkling chandelier with colorful light bulbs in the middle of the bedroom to emphasize the natural beauty of the cherry wood.

3. Ceramic Table Lamps

When placed on the bedside tables, ceramic table lamps with yellow lights can illuminate the space. The task brightness from the table lights makes reading in the bedroom a breeze.

4. Light Color Bed Linens

The cherry wood furniture will look best with light-colored bed linens with color.

Additionally, you should add some vibrant pillows to the bed to create a stunning contrast with the bedsheet. The deep cushions will complement the cherry wood furniture, enhancing the bedroom’s overall design.

5. Oakmoss Green

If you have cherry wood bedroom furniture, you may want to consider using Oakmoss Green paint to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. This rich green color will also help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom.

Furniture Colors that That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

The dark cherry wood bedroom furniture will not look good with light-colored furnishings.

Since they don’t attempt to detract from the cherry wood furniture’s presence, the contrast will not appear appealing compared to the situation with walls, floors, and ornamental things.

Cherry wood bedroom furniture will look more uniform with dark-colored furnishings. To achieve a more balanced appearance, you can think about moving it away from the cherry wood piece.

1. Black Color Furniture

Furniture in black is a fantastic option because it will go well with cherry wood furniture.

You can put a black reading desk, armchair, or rocking chair in the room’s corner. Additionally, you can utilize black side tables to border the bed and support the lamps.

2. Brown Color Furniture

Another excellent option that complements the cherry wood bedroom furniture is brown. For storage, you might put dark brown cabinets or shelves.

This color is more classic than black, which is more stylish and trendy.

3. Dark Gray Wood Satin

Another standard option for a bedroom with cherry wood furniture is dark gray wood satin. If your walls are light grey or white, this color will go well with the cherry wood.

Bedding Colors that That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

Here are other bedding hues that complement the light wall background:

1. Plymouth Pink Bedding

This bluish-gray hue gives the room life while adding warmth to the cherry wood. It creates a pleasing contrast with the light green wall. The indoor plants immediately restore the space.

White furnishing items, accessories, and décor are lovely addition since they bring new life into the room.

For a warm, cozy effect, use sheer transparent curtains. To tie the design together, select simple designs in pink or brown.

When it comes to wall art, a natural theme is a quick way to add visually appealing décor is to group pieces of art.

2. Pale Mint Bedding

Pale mint is a revitalizing color tone that improves the room’s atmosphere. Its relaxing nature contrasts wonderfully with pieces made of dark wood.

It makes for a mellow mix. Thus I like to pair it with beige walls. The light blue cushions on the mint-colored stool complement the wall art and make it appear inviting.

Install light timber flooring to open up the space and boost the design. A delicate cherry veneer lamp might help to further the feeling of gentleness.

Long, light-filtering curtains with a white background give the room a cozy atmosphere.

3. Animal Print Bedding

Dark cherry wood furniture and warm gray walls work well with animal print bedding. This style combines urban and rural elements to create a friendly setting.

Gray walls offer a modern aesthetic and a neutral setting. The steel floor lamp enhances this style, and the warm, inviting soft white recliner completes the ensemble.

The drapes’ erratic, organic design and the bedsheets’ cozy aesthetic go well in hand. The curtains are transparent but have a subtle tinge to match the walls.

Wall art incorporates pink accents to give the bedroom a more vibrant atmosphere.

Carpets Colors that That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

Using light carpets on dark flooring or vice versa is good because it is the most straightforward and successful technique for picking a good rug.

1. Beige Carpet

The beige carpet harmonizes the cherry wood furniture, dark floor, and surrounding walls, and the Decor and accessories in black and white create a modern feel.

The bedclothes and curtains’ various patterns add dynamics while uniting the overall Decor. With pillows and a good task light, the textile stool appears inviting.

The beige walls make the room more open, especially with the black floor as a counterbalance.

2. Gray Carpet

Although it has a neutral appearance, a dark gray carpet contrasts with the light floor and fits the wood tones.

The hardwood bed, floor, and windows all have a similar color, so they don’t clash with the cherry wood furnishings.

The fluffy carpet and gray silk bed sheets create a classy appearance.

Transparent curtains complement the light gray walls with soft blue floral designs. A single neutral piece of wall art acts as the room’s focal point and a counterbalance to the bed. You can attain openness by removing the remaining walls.

Accents Colors that That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

Adding bright accessories can create a pleasing, well-balanced atmosphere. Instead of heaping them up in one spot, evenly distribute them throughout the room to create a beautiful design.

1. Orange Accents

The orange features in this design stand out well on a beige background. Using picture frames, carpets, and pillows helps evenly distribute color across the room.

Select a low-saturated orange tone because it soothes the environment when coupled with cherry wood.

The abstract designs on the wall art and carpet give the space a modern vibe, and the patterns make the room feel more lively.

The soft blanket and beige armchair appear calming and inviting and encourage openness without detracting from the design, and transparent white drapes let in a lot of sunshine.

2. Yellow Accents

Yellow produces a striking contrast with a welcoming feeling. Use light gray wall paint to create a subtle background that stands out.

A thin, black border surrounding the sunflowers over the bed adds further decoration. Curtains should be yellow, as they enhance the ambiance and charm.

Always combine black and white should since it gives the image balance, and this applies to all design methodologies.

Here, the thin black lampstand and pillows soften the yellow accents while the white plastic lamps appear light compared to the walls.

Beige complements warm materials effectively, such as bedclothes and fabrics, creating a cozy bedroom atmosphere.

3. Pastel Accents

Their brightness makes pastel tones energize and inspire. This color scheme lightens the burden of the furniture’s dark cherry wood.

The simple and uncomplicated furniture design and the usage of plants give this design its renewing qualities.

Painting your walls a light yellow color could produce a cheerful backdrop. The design feels more lightweight thanks to a wall shelf and a soft cherry pendant light.

Include a unique work of art while staying within the predetermined color scheme. Since the pastel color range produces a delicate appearance, feel free to utilize a variety of hues.

Frequently Ask Questions

What color comforter goes with cherry furniture?

Consider cherry furniture if you want to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. This rich, red-toned wood is perfect for creating a luxurious space. And when it comes to choosing a comforter to match, you have a few options.

For a classic look, opt for a white or ivory comforter, which will keep the focus on the furniture and create a timeless feel. If you want to add a pop of color, go for a comforter in a bold shade like red or purple, which will make the cherry furniture stand out.

What compliments cherry wood?

Cherry wood’s reddish color is unique and can complement any decor. It is also solid wood, making it ideal for furniture and other woodworking projects.

Cherry wood is a popular choice for furniture, cabinets, and flooring and has a rich, deep color that ranges from light pink to dark reddish brown.

The grain is usually straight but can be wavy or curly. Moreover, it is known for its durability, strength, and natural resistance to rot and decay.

Does beige go with cherry wood?

Beige can go with cherry wood because it is a neutral color that can complement various colors and wood tones. Pairing beige with cherry wood can create a warm and inviting space. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Choose the right shade of beige. When selecting a beige paint or fabric, look for a shade with a warm undertone, which will help coordinate it.

Should I paint my cherry bedroom furniture?

If you decide to paint your cherry furniture, use a primer and paint designed for use on wood. Apply the paint in thin, even coats, and be sure to sand between each coat to avoid paint buildup. When painting cherry furniture, it’s also important to seal the paint to protect it from damage.

Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture


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