How do you make a queen bed wider?

Making a queen bed wider is not a big deal. However, you would need the necessary things like plywood sheets and a cutting machine or saw in place to do so.

One of the things required when making a queen bed wider is to remove your mattress to create space for measurement and setup. And there are basic precautions to follow, like measuring carefully to avoid adding extra space on all sides of the bed frame.

If you would like to expand your queen bed to accommodate one more person, this article can be helpful. However, if you are unsure if you can make your queen bed wider by yourself, contact the nearest carpenter to help you.

How do you make a queen bed wider?

Making a queen bed wider depends on the mattress size you would use. If you want a king-size mattress, you need to add 80″ x 75″ size plywood to your queen bed. But, if you’re going to add a two-twin mattress, you need to add 80″ x 72″ plywood to your queen bed.

Here is how to make your queen bed wider by adding a two twin mattress:

  • Buy two 4×8 sheet plywood
  • You are going to make 80″ x 72″ from these sheets
  • Measure and cut 32″ x 72″
  • Measure and cut 48″ x 72″
  • Now, add them to both sides of your queen bed

That is how to make a queen bed wider by adding twin-sized plywood boards on either side or at each end. You can purchase these plywood sheets at your local hardware or online store.

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What is a Queen Bed?

A queen bed is 60″ x 80″ in size and has about 30 inches of personal space each, which is wider than a single bed. It is wider than a complete or double size, offers plenty of space for two people to sleep comfortably, and can be converted to a single-bed size if necessary.

If your queen bed seems too small, there are two quick fixes that you can try to make it seem more spacious. The first is to add a bed skirt. A bed skirt will hide the space taken up by your box spring and mattress, but it will also give you an extra inch or two of room on each. 

Types of Queen Size Bed Frames

The standard queen-sized bed frame is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, larger than a full or twin bed. There are a variety of different types of queen-size bed frames available on the market, including:

  • platform beds,
  • canopy beds, and
  • sleigh beds.

Queen-size beds offer plenty of sleeping space for two people and are most suitable for smaller master bedrooms and guest rooms, measuring around 10 feet by 10 feet. There are various queen-sized bed frames on the market, including metal, wood, and upholstered frames.

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Size for queen bedding and accessories

The size for queen bedding and accessories should fit most standard queen-size beds.

1. Queen bed rug size

Queen bed rug size is typically determined by the amount of space available in a room. A queen-sized rug goes underneath the bed if there is enough space.

2. Queen-size pillow dimensions

A queen-sized pillow is 20″ X 30″, making it the same size as a standard pillow. However, other queen-sized pillows are longer or deeper than a normal pillow.

3. Queen sheet sizes

Queen sheets are 90 inches wide by 102 inches long, and this size is the most common and will fit all queen beds. However, if you have a queen bed that is not a standard size, it may be challenging to find queen sheets that fit.

4. Queen box spring dimensions

Queen box springs are the most common size for queen beds, measuring 60″ X 80″. They are slightly bigger than California queen beds, measuring 60″ X 84″. Box springs come in different depths, the most common being 8 to 12 inches deep.

Variations of a Queen Size Bed

There are many variations of a queen-sized bed, such as an Olympic Queen, which has a frame two inches wider and five inches longer than a standard queen-sized bed.

Another variation is the split queen with two mattresses and a metal frame. This bed type is good for couples who want their own sleeping space but do not want to get a separate bedroom.

The California queen is 60 inches wide and 84 inches long, with an extra length beneficial for tall people.

The short queen mattress is for RVs and may be thinner than a regular Queen Mattress.

1. Olympic Queen Bed

An Olympic queen-sized bed is 6 inches wider than a standard queen-sized bed. An Olympic queen-sized bed can accommodate two people instead of just one, like a standard queen-sized bed. The “Olympic Queen” is a slightly larger queen-size bed created to provide more space for sleepers.

2. California Queen Bed

California queen beds are 4 inches longer than the standard size for queen beds. This is because California king mattresses are 12 inches wider but only 4 inches longer than a standard king mattress.

3. Split Queen Bed

Split queen beds are an excellent option for those who want the benefits of a divided bed but don’t have the space for two separate beds. The adjustable base paired with the split queen bed allows each person to have their comfort level and saves space in smaller rooms.

4 Outstanding Benefits of a Queen Size Bed

  1. A queen-sized bed is perfect for couples as it offers more space than a full or twin bed.
  2. It provides better sleep quality, important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Queen-size beds provide plenty of sleeping space without occupying too much room in a bedroom.
  4. Queen beds typically have more mattress options than smaller sizes to find the perfect comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide is a queen bed?

Measuring from side to side, a queen-size bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long when measured from the headboard to the footboard.

What is the best room size for a queen bed?

When looking for a queen bed, it is important to consider the size of the room. Queen beds typically require around 10 X 14 square feet of space, so they’re an excellent option for smaller rooms.

What is the depth of a queen mattress?

Queen-size mattresses can vary in thickness anywhere from 8 to 18 inches, with the most common depths being 10-12 inches. The twin bed mattress size is about the same as a Queen bed mattress, but it’s slightly smaller in depth on average.

How does the width of a queen bed affect my bedroom?

If a bedroom is too narrow, a queen-sized bed may not fit. Additionally, furniture in the room can impact if a queen-size bed will fit. For example, if the room has a large dresser, there may not be enough space for the bed. Finally, queen-sized beds close couples together, which can negatively affect sleep.

How long is a queen bed frame?

A queen bed frame is typically 70-90 inches long, depending on the material and the presence or absence of a headboard. The dimensions will vary depending on the manufacturer, but this gives you an idea of the range you can expect.

How big is a queen bed in feet?

A queen bed is typically 7 feet long, making it a good fit for taller people. The mattress surface area is around 33 square feet- plenty of space for two people to sleep comfortably.

How many people can sleep in a queen-size bed?

A Queen size bed can accommodate two people sleeping 18 inches each. It is 3 inches wider per side than a full bed, so it can comfortably sleep two people.

Do queen-size bed dimensions vary from country to country?

Queen-size beds are usually 60 inches wide and 80 inches long in the United States. However, in other countries, they may be as small as 54 inches wide or as large as 66 inches wide.

The mattress is also thicker in some countries than in others; for example, a queen-sized mattress in the UK is 9 inches thick, while a queen-sized mattress in the US is only 6.5 inches thick.


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