How To Mount A Towel Ring [5 Steps]

A towel ring is a straightforward yet useful accessory that may give your bathroom a touch of elegance while keeping your towels organized and handy. Although installing it may appear simple, it must be done correctly to support the weight of your towels and remain firmly in place. 

We’ll cover different mounting techniques, advice on simplifying the process, and a step-by-step tutorial for mounting a washcloth ring in this blog post.

Materials Needed

Gather the following supplies before you start mounting the ring:

  • Towel ring

Buy one that fits your towels’ sizes and compliments the design of your bathroom.

For your towel ring and the surface you will be installing, choose screws that are the proper length and width.

  • Wall anchors

Use wall anchors to offer extra support if you mount the towel ring on drywall or another comparable surface.

  • Pencil

Use a pencil to mark the spots where you’ll be drilling.

  • Drill

You’ll need a drill to make holes for the screws and wall anchors.

  • Screwdriver

Use a screwdriver to attach the towel ring to the wall.

  • Level

A level will help ensure that your it is mounted straight and level.

Measure the distance between the marks on your wall and the distance between the screw holes on the ring using a tape measure.

Steps for Mounting 

The steps for installation are as follows:

  • Choose the location

Consider the height and placement to ensure it is accessible and doesn’t obstruct other bathroom fixtures.

  • Mark the spot

While holding the towel ring against the wall in the desired position, mark the areas with a pencil where you plan to drill with a pencil. According to the screw holes on the towel ring, make sure the marks are level and spaced at the proper intervals.

  • Drill holes

If necessary, make holes with a drill for the screws and wall anchors. Drill only a little because doing so could harm the wall.

  • Insert wall anchors (if needed)

If necessary, place wall anchors in the holes you just drilled if you’re mounting the towel ring to drywall or another comparable surface.

Use a screwdriver to fasten it to the wall by aligning the screw holes on the ring with the holes in the wall. Verify that the screws are firmly fastened.

  • Check for level

Make sure the ring is mounted straight and level by using a level. If required, reposition the screws.

Test it after mounting it to ensure that it is firmly fastened to the wall and can sustain the weight of your towels.

Following these steps, you’ll have a securely mounted washcloth ring that can add style and functionality to your bathroom.

Alternative Mounting Methods

There are a few different mounting solutions to take into account if you can’t install it using screws and wall anchors or if you simply prefer one over the others:

  • Adhesive mounting

Suction cups or sticky strips are included with certain towel rings, so you can fix them to the wall using this method. While quick and simple, this method may not be as secure as mounting with screws and may be more challenging to uninstall.

  • Over-the-door mounting

You should use an over-the-door style if you don’t want to drill holes in your walls. An accessible and practical position for your towels is provided by this style of ring, which hooks over the top of the bathroom door.

  • Freestanding towel rack

A freestanding rack is a perfect alternative if you don’t want to mount anything to the wall. These racks may be moved around your bathroom and are available in various sizes and shapes.

Although these alternate techniques might work in some circumstances, remember that they might not be as reliable as mounting using screws and wall anchors. Before selecting a different mounting strategy, consider your unique requirements and bathroom layout.


Installing a towel ring is easy to give your bathroom both flair and practicality. Utilizing screws and wall anchors, you can safely mount it and make sure it can support the weight of your washcloths by carrying out the methods mentioned above. 

Adhesive installation, over-the-door mounting, or freestanding are all potential alternatives to utilizing screws to secure your towel ring. No matter what technique you use, a strategically located and adequately fastened bar can significantly improve the design and usability of your bathroom.

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