Best way to Style Long Curtains on a Short Window

Curtains are used in interior design for both practical and aesthetically pleasing reasons. They provide room seclusion, regulate lighting, and offer warmth and texture. Effectively designed curtains can improve a room’s ambiance and aesthetic appeal.

Long drapes can be challenging to arrange for short windows. Long curtains on small casements can look uncomfortable and out of proportion, which can not produce the desired aesthetic effect. However, styling long drapes on short casements to improve the appearance of the casement and the space as a whole is doable with the correct methods and thoughts.

This blog post offers helpful advice and suggestions for properly styling lengthy curtains on small windows. You will discover several methods to create an aesthetically reasonable and proportional look when putting long drapes on short casements, from measuring and fabric selection to mounting techniques and color/pattern considerations. Long drapes may be a lovely and helpful addition to short windows with the appropriate strategy, boosting the overall aesthetics of a space.

The fundamental aspects of styling long curtains on short windows. 

These consist of Measurement, fabric options, and hardware choices.


A well-styled appearance depends on choosing the correct length for the blinds. Measure the casement height from the top of the casement frame to the floor or the desired size. 

Generally, it’s better to steer clear of curtains much longer than the window height for short casements because they can give the casement and room an off-balanced appearance.

Fabric Choice

Consider the fabric’s thickness, texture, and color when selecting a fabric for long drapes for small windows. Sheers and lightweight linen are lighter materials that can produce an airy, breezy appearance. 

At the same time, velvet and brocade are examples of heavier fabrics that can lend drama and elegance. The fabric’s color and pattern should blend with the space’s general design and color scheme.


Using the appropriate hardware, you can give Long curtains on small windows a professional appearance. Pick drape brackets and rods that work with short casements.

 Keep your rods short and simple; otherwise, they could overwhelm the casement. Choose simple, sleek rods that are proportionate to the size of the window, and think about adding brackets that let the curtains hang closer to the casement frame for a fitted appearance.

These fundamentals will help you build a strong foundation for styling lengthy drapes on small windows. Next, we’ll look at useful advice and methods for creating a balanced and pleasing appearance.

Tips for Styling Long Curtains on Short Windows

The layering approach, mounting technique, hemming technique, and color/pattern selections are just a few of the tips and tricks covered in this area for designing long drapes on short casements.

Layering Technique

Layering curtains on short windows is a common technique to give them depth and aesthetic interest. Long drapes can be stacked by adding shorter ones or valances. 

For instance, you may hang lightweight, sheer curtains in front of the long ones a little shorter than the casement height. 

This can preserve the desired level of privacy while producing a gentle and ethereal look. Adding additional visual interest and creating a unique design can be accomplished by combining various fabrics, patterns, and textures in the layers. 

You can use drape rings or clips to create adjustable layers that are simple to replace or reorganize.

Mounting Technique

How long curtains are mounted on small windows significantly impacts how they look. You can make the casement appear taller by placing the drape rod above the frame. 

The rod should ideally be installed at least 6 to 12 inches above the casement frame, depending on the window’s height and the length of the desired blind. To further elongate the window and give it a sense of equilibrium, you can extend the curtain rod past the casement frame on both sides.

Hemming Technique

When hanging long drapes on small windows, hemming is crucial. The drapes should be hemmed to the desired length while still looking proportionate. 

Avoid using drapes that puddle too much on the floor on short casements since they will appear voluminous and disorganized. 

Choose a soft puddle barely touching the ground or a customized break that elegantly rises above the ground. 

You can also hem the curtains to rest just above the floor, leaving a tiny space between them and the foundation for a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Pattern and Color Choices

The drapes’ overall appeal is complemented by the casement and room’s color and pattern. It’s typically better to select simple colors or delicate patterns that don’t overwhelm short windows. 

Avoid casement-clogging patterns and bright colors that are highly cluttered. When choosing blind colors and patterns, consider the color scheme and design of the space and go for solutions that complement the current decor.

When arranging long drapes on short windows, you can get a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing effect by implementing these ideas and tricks. To find a look that suits your preferences and harmonizes with the overall aesthetics of your area, feel free to experiment with various styles and methods.

Additional Tips

Here are some extra recommendations to complement the previously mentioned fundamental advice on how to style long curtains on small casements:

Use vertical stripes

Short windows can appear taller thanks to vertical stripes’ optical illusion of height. Think about utilizing vertically striped drapes or including vertical stripes in the fabric’s pattern or texture. This can give the casement a sense of lengthening and make it look taller and more proportionate.

Consider tie-backs or holdbacks

You can draw back Long drapes using tie-backs for a more streamlined and tidy appearance. Additionally, they can enhance the window’s architecture and let more natural light in. To get the desired look, use decorative tie-backs or holdbacks that go well with the curtain fabric and general design of the room and place them at the proper height.

Opt for minimalistic hardware.

Pick up simple, sleek drape rods, brackets, rings, and clips. Choose something other than bulky or elaborate hardware because it will overwhelm the casement and the drapes. Simple, sleek hardware can match the curtains perfectly and produce a professional appearance.

Consider the window shape.

Consider having the drapes made to accommodate your short casement’s unique shape, such as an arched or triangular window if it has one. Custom-made curtains can guarantee a precise fit and produce an attractive appearance. 

Additionally, you can employ innovative blind designs for particular casement shapes, such as Roman shades or swag valances.

Pay attention to the overall room design.

Consider the room’s overall design and aesthetic when hanging long drapes on small windows. The curtains complete the space’s style and improve the atmosphere. 

When choosing blind fabric, color, and pattern, consider the space’s color scheme, furniture style, and décor theme. Having the drapes blend in with the decor of the area as a whole can produce a unified and attractive appearance.


It might be exciting and imaginative to arrange long curtains on small windows. Create a visually appealing and proportionate look that improves the overall aesthetics of your area by using the correct techniques and advice. Each element contributes to the well-balanced and fashionable casement treatment, from layering and mounting to hemming and color/pattern selections.

When choosing drapes and hardware, consider the casement’s height and width, the length of the curtains you want, and the decor of the entire space. Try out various layering methods, hemming designs, and color/pattern selections to find the ideal fusion that accentuates the beauty of your area. Pay attention to the window’s shape and, if necessary, think about customizing choices.

Always aim for a unified, balanced appearance that improves the casements and the space’s aesthetic appeal. Feel free to experiment with different looks and methods for the desired result. 

You may design a magnificent window treatment that gives your room a touch of class and refinement with careful planning and attention to detail.

So feel free to confidently hang those long drapes on your short casements and enjoy transforming your room into a chic haven. Happy fashioning!

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