Why does my mattress sink in the middle?

You bought a firm mattress, and after some time, you discover it is sinking in the middle. Perhaps, it had not lasted before it began to sag, or it has been a while. Why does your mattress sink in the middle?

It has expired if it is an old mattress and you need a replacement or a way to fix it. But, if your new mattress begins to sag, there will be reasons.

Your mattress sinks in the middle and cannot provide the comfort you need for healthy sleep. Tossing around while sleeping can cause back and neck pain or poor sleep quality.

Various warranties cover new mattresses from 5 to 20 years. However, you must meet certain warranty conditions if your mattress has a fault. So, if your new mattress begins to sag, you can reach out to your manufacturer (seller) and demand a replacement, having met the conditions.

Why does my mattress sink in the middle?

Wrong foundation, age of the mattress, poor support, wear or tear, heavyweight body, and sleeping positions are why your mattress can sink in the middle. However, these are not the only reasons but the common causes of sagging mattresses. 

Your mattress might sink in the middle because of exposure to liquid and direct sunlight, which can apply to new mattresses. Besides, it might smell so bad. So, if you are wondering why your brand-new mattress is sinking in the middle, it could be because of water and direct sunlight.

Coil spring mattresses will begin to sink when the metals become weak and unable to hold the foam. And, a continuous constant sleeping position which is often the middle, will cause it to sink.

It is unavoidable for old mattresses to wear and tear with age. So, if your mattress is sinking in the middle, all you need is a new mattress or how to fix your sinking mattress to have the comfort you need while sleeping.

How to fix a mattress that sinks in the middle

Here are the things you should do to fix your sinking mattress:

  1. Use a firm mattress topper 
  2. Flip or rotate the mattress
  3. Support it with a board or plywood under
  4. Add pillows underneath
  5. Change the foundation
  6. Replace it with a new mattress

However, you have to know why your mattress is dipping before you can choose the right way to fix it. So, it would be best if you knew why your mattress sank before deciding how to fix it. You will not only save your money but energy and time. See how to convert a queen-size bed to a king size bed.

Moreover, if a queen mattress sinks in the middle, can you put two queen beds together to fix it?

1. Use a Firm Mattress Topper 

A mattress topper can be foam, hybrid, latex, innerspring, memory foam, or airbed added as an additional layer (between two to four-inch) on top of your mattress.

Toppers save various needs like warmness, firmness, coolness, or even softness to give you the comfort you desire while sleeping. So, if you are looking for a topper to fix a sinking mattress, you should consider getting a thick, firm mattress. 

However, some people can mistake a mattress protector (pad) for a topper. You can read about the difference between mattress protectors and mattress toppers.

Getting a firm topper for your sagging mattress will fill the dip and provide the needed balance. However, if your mattress has sunk so deep, consider getting a replacement because an extra layer of mattress topper may not be enough to fill the sinking space.  

These few mattress toppers can help you to fix your sagging mattress:

  • Cooling Gel-Infused Firm Support Mattress Topper
  • FLEXPEDIC Mattress Topper

What Mattress Topper is best for Different Sleeping Styles?

Cooling Gel-Infused Firm Support Mattress Topper

Amazon Basics Cooling Gel-Infused Firm Support Mattress Topper is an alternative latex foam available for all sizes of mattresses in 2 and 3 inches. This topper has an integrated cooling gel to control and regulate temperature for a beautiful sleep.

The Firm Support Mattress Topper provides value for your money, softness, comfort, and sleep quality of about 4/5 consumer ratings. It has an advantage over memory foam for its better bounce rate and less sinking tendencies. You can consider it if you need a quality, budget-friendly, firm mattress topper for your sinking mattress.

FLEXPEDIC Mattress Topper

FLEXPEDIC Mattress Topper is a certificated CertiPUR-US double-sided 2 and 3 inches memory foam. It is available for full, twin, queen, and king-size mattresses. Besides having a double-side cooling mattress pad, it has green tea for odor-free and low maintenance.

FLEXPEDIC topper is a two-sided mattress with Medium-soft memory foam and a Medium-firm high-density foam side. Both sides provide support and comfort. However, a memory foam mattress topper cannot match the firmness of latex foam or its alternatives. So, for mattresses that have not sunk too deep, you can consider using a FLEXPEDIC topper for enhanced Pressure Relief.

2. Flip or Rotate The Mattress

Since it is common for your mattress to sink in the middle due to the constant pressure exerted, you can turn your mattress and use the other side. But, in the case of a one-sided mattress, you can only rotate to change the position. 

Flipping your mattresses in 6 months can help them to maintain even weight across all sections. And for an adjustable mattress, turning it upside down in 3 months can save your mattress from sinking deeper than it sunk.

3. Support it with a bunkie board 

You can fix a sagging mattress with plywood or bunkie board, mainly if you use bed slats or box springs. Bunkie board is a plane wood that you can keep on top of an old box spring, platform bed, or foundation to support your mattress. 

If your mattress is sinking in the middle because of a deformed bed slat, warned springs, etc., you need to put one sheet of plywood or bunkie board on top to support it. Ensure that the bunkie board is measured to fit the bed frame and adequately supported by the slats or whatever foundation is available. 

A few recommendations below:

  • Zinus Gulzar Bunkie Board
  • Zinus Compack Fabric Covered Bunkie Board

Zinus Gulzar Bunkie Board

Zinus Gulzar Bunkie Board is a 1.6-inch Strong and sturdy steel frame sheet that offers additional support for Spring, Hybrid, and memory foam mattresses. You can consider it if your bed slats or box springs are becoming weak.

Zinus Compack Fabric Covered Bunkie Board

Zinus Compack Fabric Bunkie Board is a strong Plywood Slats and Polypropylene Fabric designed to optimally support any mattress without the added bulk of a box spring. They also promise a Worry-free 5-year warranty.

Zinus Compack Fabric bunkie can replace a box spring, providing the convenience of a platform bed.

4. Add pillows underneath

Adding pillows under your sinking mattress is another way to fix it. Using pillows can be the best option if you are on a budget and wouldn’t want to spend much on a sagging mattress. 

You can choose to add pillows only to the affected areas after confirming the affected areas before you pack pillows beneath each point. 

The main idea of using pillows is to give your mattress a good shape and provide comfort while sleeping. However, it is not a permanent fix but can return your mattress to a balanced form where you can rest and wake without worrying.

5. Change the foundation

You can place memory foam on a slat with the foundation; if you do not space it well, it can affect your memory foam. So, changing the foundation of your mattress can be helpful if your memory foam has a dip in the middle. 

While changing the foundation of your mattress, endeavor to keep to all the rules from the manufacturer. And since every mattress has a unique foundation, avoid replacing your foundation with a type that is not suitable for your foam. 

Your mattress foundation is to your mattress what your mattress is to you. So, try to give your mattress the best support it needs to support you. 

6. Replace it with a new mattress

If your mattress is deeply sinking in the middle and you know that fixing it will not work, then it’s time you get a new mattress.

Trying to fix such a mattress could cost you money without having what you wanted. So, please get a new mattress and discard the old deep sinking one. 

How To Prevent Your Mattress from Sinking in the middle

Preventing your mattress from sagging can save you the stress and resources of fixing it. So, to keep your mattress from sinking, you can follow the following prevention:

  1. Inspect your mattress regularly
  2. Do not sleep in one position
  3. Use the suitable support for your mattress

1. Inspect your mattress regularly

Inspecting your mattress every month can help to prevent it from sinking because during the inspection, you can quickly fix whatever you know can damage your mattress. If you can check your mattress every month, you can discover any parts that are no longer firm and fix them before they worsen.  

You can check your mattress every day if you decide because you use it all night and some parts of the day. But, failing to check your mattress often can cause it to sink.

2. Do not sleep in one position

Sleeping in one position is one of the many reasons why a mattress sinks in the middle. So, if your mattress manual has approved flipping, you can do so once in a while. But, if it does not, rotate the mattress to alternate the sleeping position.

If you have been lying in the same position for a while, change the position occasionally to avoid concentrating the pressure on one part. Moreover, if you are sleeping with your partner, you can switch sides to balance weight across your mattress.

3. Use the suitable support for your mattress

Using any support for your mattress can damage it. Follow the specific support as recommended in the manufacturer’s manual. Do not DIY support for your mattress. Use what is in the manual, and report any challenge to the manufacturer. 

There are different kinds of support for each foam, and manufacturers know the right option for your mattress. So, adhere to their advice and avoid breaking the rules. Remember, by supporting your mattress with the proper support, you are giving yourself the support you’ll need from your mattress. 

Why should you worry about your sinking mattress?

Poor support for your back and neck, struggling on the bed, uncomfortable with your partner, and many more reasons you should worry about your sinking mattress.

Experiencing the ordeal of a sinking mattress, especially with your partner, is horrible. Ensure you do everything to prevent your mattress from sinking in the middle to avoid having an unhealthy sleep.

Lack of proper support for your back and neck can cause back pain and occasional turning difficulties in your neck. Good posture is important to your sleep as your sleep is important to your health (WebMD).

Do you have a mattress that is sinking in the middle? Get up and fix it now or find a replacement. Do not allow such a mattress to ruin your sleep after working all day.


Do all mattresses sag in the middle?

All mattresses tend to sag in the middle after all the pressure exerted on them. Moreover, the manufacturer’s warranty confirms that the mattress will not remain the same over time. 

The age of a mattress is the most determinant factor of a sagging mattress. Other reasons are accidents, but the age factor is the most common reason why your mattress can sag in the middle.

Can you fix a sunken mattress?

You can change the mattress foundation and add a fitted bunkie board (plywood) to the slat to provide good support or add a firm mattress topper to give balance and fix the sinking mattress.

There are various options for fixing a sinking mattress. However, it would be best if you found out why your mattress is sinking in the middle to choose the correct option. 

Will a mattress topper help with a sagging mattress?

Mattress toppers are additional layers that can fill the sag because they are right on top, so you won’t have to suffer from the dip. Mattress toppers will cover the sinking middle and provide the support you need for beauty sleep.

While considering using mattress toppers to fix your sagging mattress, the firmness of the topper is what will provide the solution. So, avoiding other types for a firm and thick mattress topper will be beneficial.

Why does my memory foam mattress sink in the middle?

Poor support, heavyweight body, and wrong foundation are not the only reasons memory foam mattress sinks in the middle because the age of the foam and sleeping positions can also contribute. 

Memory foam mattresses can last for years without any issue. However, it is not forever. So, think about getting a new mattress if your memory foam mattress sinks in the middle.

Can a sagging mattress cause back pain?

A sagging mattress does not only cause back pain but affects the neck and can affect the spine. So, inspect your mattress frequently, and if it begins to sink, set it up correctly. 

Constant to and fro movement from the dip to the top of the mattress can cause body pains and reduce your sleep hours to stress. Sleeping can renew your strength and vitality when it’s beautiful and comfortable. 

How can I make my sagging mattress firmer?

Adding a layer to your sagging mattress can make it firmer, and only a firm mattress topper can return your mattress to this state. The Mattress topper will provide the support that your mattress lost to the sink and give you a flat bed to enjoy. 

Why does my mattress sink in the middle?


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